General chronology of events in Philippine history

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This page comprises a general chronology of events in Philippine history, with links to the appropriate decades and/or years listed in their chronological order. There may also be links to particular chronology pages in the case of tightly interconnected events that span more than one year.

Temporarily, this page will also contain links to specific events with no exact dates pinpointed yet, or which clearly span across several years or several decades, but which can already be placed in specific centuries. This method will be particularly used for events not yet covered by Spanish-era or more recent historiography.

The last section of this page will contain a tentative list of references that we used in building this general chronology.

Pre-16th century Philippines

16th century Philippines

17th century Philippines

18th century Philippines

19th century Philippines

20th century Philippines

21st century Philippines

Tentative list of references

  • Scott, William Henry. 1975. History on the Cordillera: Collected Writings on Mountain Province History.