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This page contains a chronology of events in or related to the Philippines from 1860 to 1869.

See also: chronology of adjacent decades 1850-1859 and 1870-1879.










  • Spain is swept by a revolution led by Generals Juan Prim and Francisco Serrano against the autocratic rule of Isabella II (1833-68). The revolution is successful and Isabella is removed from her throne.


  • The Spanish Cortes writes and promulgates a liberal constitution while searching for a suitable monarch to replace the deposted Queen Isabella II.
  • Jun 23. General Carlos Maria de la Torre takes office as Spain's governor general for the Philippines (1969-71). He is seen by many as the most liberal-democratic governor the country ever had.
  • Jul 12. Filipinos led by prominent Manila residents serenade Gov. Gen. De la Torre at his official residence to show their appreciation of his liberal policies. The serenaders include Jose Cabezas de Herrera (civil governor of Manila), Fr. Jose Burgos, Maximo Paterno, Manuel Genato, Joaquion Pardo de Tavera, Angel Garchitorena, Andres Nieto, and Jacobo Zobel.
  • Sep 21. The new constitution of Spain is proclaimed in Manila.
  • Filipino reformers establish the Comite de Reformadores, with three sections: for clergy, for laymen, and for students.
  • Oct 18. Felipe Buencamino Sr. is arrested for leading several student demonstrations against the Dominican authorities of the UST.
  • Nov 17. Suez Canal is opened to global shipping. It shortens the route from Spain to Manila to only 32 days, from the previous three months via Cape of Good Hope.