Mayoyao, Ifugao

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Name and location

How founded


The center (town hall) is located at 16°58'23.64"N, 121°13'17.16"E. It can be reached by road via the Banaue-Mayoyao-Alfonso Lista-Ramon road.

The land

Land area: 238.05 sq km.

Terrain and vegetation



The people

List of barangays:

  • Aduyongan (16°54'56.07"N, 121°10'21.88"E)
  • Alimit (16°53'54.27"N, 121°14'22.12"E)
  • Ayangan (16°54'3.84"N, 121°11'20.75"E)
  • Balangbang (16°57'26.51"N, 121°14'43.48"E)
  • Banao (16°54'56.68"N, 121°15'58.64"E)
  • Banhal
  • Bato-Alatbang
  • Bongan
  • Buninan
  • Chaya
  • Chumang
  • Epeng
  • Guinihon
  • Inwaloy
  • Langayan
  • Liwo
  • Maga
  • Magulon
  • Mapawoy
  • Mayoyao Proper
  • Mongol
  • Nalbu
  • Nattum
  • Palaad
  • Poblacion
  • Talboc
  • Tulaed


Population and growth

Based on the 2015 census, Mayoyao has a total population of 17,331, compared to 24,422 in 1975. The general trend is for the local population to stagnate and shrink. It suffered a negative growth rate of -8.70 for the 1990-1995 period.

During the 1990-2010 period, the local population tended to concentrate in barangays Poblacion, Balangbang and Chumang. Most other barangays either stagnated at the same population levels or greatly shrunk. Many of Mayoyao's barangays continue to suffer negative growth rates across the past two decades.


Mayoyao is mainly agricultural, with some 17,153 has. of farmland planted to palay, camote, corn, beans and gabi. There is also extensive backyard raising of livestock such as swine, cow, carabao, goat, dog, horse, chicken, duck and turkey.

Other local sources of livelihood





There are legends on how the various villages that would later become Mayoyao were founded.

During the Spanish colonial regime, the Spanish forces based in Kiangan built a trail to their headquarters at Balangbang, Mayoyao.

At the start of the US colonial regime (in 1909), an improved trail was built from Banaue to Mayoyao.

Military operations in the area during World War II include guerrilla operations by the 121st Infantry Regiment under Col. John Horan and the Battle of Mayoyao Ridge, with fighting around Mt. Nagchayan from Jul 26 to Aug 9, 1945 by the 11th Infantry Regiment under Lt. Col. Donald Blackburn against Japanese forces commanded by Gen. Toguzuma.