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Welcome to the IRAIA Wiki !

We are rebuilding the wiki contents based on a new content structure. For now, our focus is on rebuilding our Philippine history section. We are also gradually reconstructing other sections on Philippine geography and biography.

Please visit everyday for new content, and thanks for all the support.

Note from the IRAIA administrator

I have reinstalled from scratch the old wiki site (which was running straight on version 1.19 since 2012, with an earlier pilot structure using another wiki engine since 2004). The spam user list was getting unmanageable, I wanted to overhaul the entire structure, and the database was too burdened with legacy edits and spam remnants that couldn't be nuked. So I'm reinstalling it on v1.28, building a totally new structure more carefully, repopulating manually, and trying out a new user registration and login policy.

On MediaWiki

This IRAIA Wiki site is powered by MediaWiki. If you want more details about the wiki software itself, please consult the User's Guide for more information.

For a quick glimpse into some aspects of the MediaWiki software you might be interested in, check the following FAQs: