Events in 1972 on the eve of martial law

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  • July-August 1972: Unprecedented floods inundate Central Luzon. The government claims it has obtained a so-called "July-August plan" of the CPP-NPA among the "Tarinsing papers," so-called because they were supposedly CPP-NPA documents seized by government troops in Tarinsing, Cordon, Isabela.
  • Early July 1972: AFP seizes several hundred M14 rifles and other arms and ammunition from the ship MV Karagatan anchored off Digoyo Point in Palanan, Isabela. The arms are allegedly intended for the NPA, smuggled in from foreign sources and with foreign help.
  • Early August 1972: Marcos meets with Enrile and several trusted AFP officials and decides to declare martial law within the next two months. (Bonner 1987, 95)
  • From 15 to 30 Aug 1972, seven bomb attacks (six exploded, one unexploded) hit various key government and corporate buildings in Metro Manila.
  • From 1 to 11 Sep 1972, five bomb attacks (four exploded, one unexploded) hit more public and private buildings in Metro Manila.
  • Tue 12 Sep 1972: Two bombs hit QC Hall where the Constitutional Commission was in session.
  • All these bombings, actually exploded and unexploded, are blamed by the Marcos and his AFP generals on the CPP-NPA.
  • Tue 12 Sep 1972: Senator Aquino exposes Oplan Sagittarius on the Senate floor as a plan to put Metro Manila and several adjacent provinces under martial law.