Elpidio Quirino administration

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Major events during the Elpidio Quirino administration

Elpidio Quirino, as vice-president when President Roxas died of a heart attack in April 1948, served the rest of the presidential term. As LP standard bearer, Quirino ran in and won the presidential race against Jose P. Laurel (NP) and former Senate President Jose Avelino (rebel LP) in the 8 Nov 1949 elections.

Crushing blows vs. the PKP and HMB

Economic difficulties and the Bell Mission

GRP sends expeditionary force to Korean War

More pro-US treaties and agreements

The 1947 and 1949 elections

Specific events listed per year

1948 events

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1949 events

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1950 events

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1951 events

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1952 events

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1953 events

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