Alfonso Lista, Ifugao

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Name and location

Name and origin

General location

Location of center (town hall) is at 16° 55.250'N, 121° 29.341'E. A detailed map [1] also shows the location of the town's post office, motorpool area, police station, public market, amphitheater, Baptist church, Our Lady of Visitacion Catholic mission, and several other banks, commercial stores and rice mills.

The land

Total land area

Terrain and vegetation


Natural resources


The people

Alfonso Lista has the following barangays:

  • Bangar
  • Busilac
  • Calimag
  • Calupaan
  • Caragasan
  • Dolowog
  • Kiling
  • Laya
  • Little Tadian
  • Namnama
  • Namillangan
  • Ngileb
  • Pinto
  • Potia
  • San Jose
  • San Juan
  • San Marcos
  • San Quintin
  • Santa Maria (Poblacion)
  • Santo Domingo (Cabicalan)


Population and demography


Agriculture and natural resources. The town is considered the "corn bowl" of Ifugao.

Other local sources of livelihood


The town is viewed by planners as a "strategic venue for central and local enterprise catering the towns of Aguinaldo and Mayoyao."


Road system