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The year 1987 (running account)

January 1987

  • Rebel units of the AFP led by PAF Col. Oscar Canlas and other PC officers launch an attempted coup (Jan 27) and takeover of TV network station GMA-7 (Jan 27-29).

February 1987

  • On Feb 7, the
  • On Feb 11, Pres. Aquino declares "the truce is over" with the CPP-NPA-NDFP. She directs all NAFP units and commanders to intensify vigilance. Aquino issues the order as she addresses some 400 middle-level officers (mostly senior majors, lieutenant colonels and colonels) attending the first NAFP seminar-dialogue.
  • Following the expiration of the 60-day ceasefire between the GRP and NDFP, at least 35 persons are killed in clashes since the breakdown of the peace talks and the end of the truce. Fighting escalates through Feb 11-12 after Aquino declares an all-out offensive and "unsheathes the sword of war."
  • Through Proclamation No. 58, Pres. Aquino proclaims (Feb 11) the new 1987 Constitution ratified. After she and VP Salvador Laurel are sworn in by CJ Claudio Teehankee, she in turn swears in the 15 SC members, then leads her Cabinet and 40 out of 47 members of the Constitutional Commission in taking the oath of allegiance to the charter. The new Constitution is the Philippines' fourth, after the Malolos Constitution, the 1935 Constitution and the 1973 Constitution.
  • Jailbreak of 13 prisoners from Bicutan (Taguig) jail of INP on the early dawn of Feb 10. This is the third jailbreak, with a total of 57 escaped prisoners from October 1986.

March 1987

April 1987

May 1987

June 1987

July 1987

August 1987

September 1987

October 1987

November 1987

December 1987

The year 1987 (summary)