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This page contains a chronology of events in or related to the Philippines from 2000 to 2009.





US overseas affairs

  • US denies slanting intel on Iraq. MSt Jun 6(B13)
  • Bush intel on Iraq was distorted--expert. MSt Jun 8(A7)

Foreign affairs

  • US role in war in Mindanao. MSt Jun 1(A4)
  • RP-US relations. MSt Jun 1(B13)
  • VFA, US troop redeployment. MSt Jun 3(A3)
  • Balikatan likely in December. MSt Jun 7(A2)
  • DFA's Ople admits succumbing to US pressure to grant US troops immunity from ICC prosecution. MSt Jun 8(A1)
  • USD 17 for cops, soldiers in Iraq. MSt Jun 7(A3)
  • GMA wraps up Seoul visit. MSt Jun 5(A1)
  • GMA's visits to South Korea and Japan results in more than USD 500 million in economic agreements. MSt Jun 8(A2)
  • Japanese ambassador Takano's negative remarks on the Philippines. MSt Jun 1(A1), 3(B13)
  • GMA 3-day working visit boosts ties with Japan. MSt Jun 7(A1)
  • Thailand plays US role, gives jets to RP. MSt Jun 7(A3)
  • Ople summons Myanmar envoy over Suu Kyi. MSt Jun 7(A3)
  • RP calls on DPRK to disarm its nukes. MSt Jun 8(A3)

President and Executive Dept

  • Press secretary Nani Braganza goes out; Orly Mercado or Dodie Limcaoco in? MSt Jun 6(3A)
  • DND secretary Angelo Reyes plays coy with politics. MSt Jun 8(A3)
  • Indigent folk witness First Couple's kindness. MSt Jun 6(5A)

Charter change, elections, political parties

  • Palace dares Erap to run. GMA political advisers on her plan to run for president. MSt Jun 6(A1)
  • Lakas wants GMA to run in 2004. Signature drive lures 85 congressmen. Erap raring to join fray. MSt Jun 7(A1)
  • GMA will change her mind in the name of statesmanship--Lakas. MSt Jun 8(A1)
  • Lakas party. MSt Jun 2(A3)
  • Volunteers to purge voters list. MSt Jun 5(A3)
  • Opinion: Charter change window is closing. MSt Jun 5(B12)
  • Opinion: Charter change loses steam. MSt Jun 8(B13)
  • Opinion: Justice system, by Emil Jurado. MSt Jun 5(B12)
  • Opinion: GMA keeping her options open. MSt Jun 7(B13)
  • Atienza, Lacuna team up for 2004 polls. MSt Jun 8(A3)
  • Comelec bats for early ARMM polls. MSt Jun 8(A5)

Military affairs, peace talks and human rights

  • AFP-MILF clashes. MSt Jun 1(A1), 2(A1, A2)
  • MILF rebel, soldier slain in Sumisip. MSt Jun 7(A4)
  • GRP-MILF peace talks. MILF unilateral ceasefire. MSt Jun 2(A2), 3(A2, A3)
  • Malaysia still lead negotiator, US second fiddle in peace talks. MSt Jun 5(A3)
  • US wants a hand in Mindanao peace pact, taps services of Washington-based Institute for Peace. MSt Jun 8(A3)
  • Norway peace broker meets with GMA on possible resumption of GRP-NDFP talks. MSt Jun 8(A2)
  • Slay try on Gov Emmanuel Pinol foiled. MSt Jun 5(A4)
  • Mindoro trial of human rights violators. MSt Jun 2(A3)
  • Witnesses pin down Mindoro suspect. MSt Jun 6(4A)
  • Four killed in Kalinga. MSt Jun 3(A4)
  • Children in zone of peace. MSt Jun 3(B14)
  • 4 NPA rebels killed in Davao clash. MSt Jun 6(4A)
  • 12 MILF, NPA rebels surrender. MSt Jun 8(A1)

Terrorism, Abu Sayyaf

  • Abu Sayyaf attacks. MSt Jun 2(A4)
  • Vice mayor abducted in Tawi-Tawi. MSt Jun 3(A4)
  • Another OFW offered cash to plant bomb at US embassy in UAE. MSt Jun 5(A4)
  • Terrorist recruiters targetting OFWs in the Middle East. MSt Jun 6(2A)
  • Pentagon kidnappers get death sentence. MSt Jun 6(2A)
  • Roland Ullah escapes from Abu Sayyaf. But his family has yet to see or hear from him. MSt Jun 7(A2), Jun 8(A2)
  • US Special Forces troops hold memorial for Martin Burnham. MSt Jun 8(A2)

Police and crime

  • Crime mapping. MSt Jun 2(A1)
  • Fewer street crimes in big city. MSt Jun 6(4A)
  • Nida Blanca murder. MSt Jun 1(A4)
  • Bonnet robbery gang. MSt Jun 1(A4)
  • Bank teller loses P3m to QC gang. MSt Jun 8(A4)
  • Police bribery scandal. MSt Jun 2(A3)
  • 20 rescued from cybersex joint. MSt Jun 3(A4)
  • Korean arrested for minors dancing naked. MSt Jun 6(4A)
  • NCR police chiefs take drug test. MSt Jun 5(A4)
  • CSC backs drug test for state employees. MSt Jun 7(A3)
  • Movie stars excluded from drug test. MSt Jun 8(A1)
  • Killer gin traced to syndicate. MSt Jun 6(4A)
  • Ginebra warns: broken seal means fake gin. MSt Jun 8(A4)

Governance and corruption

  • Never again to martial law. MSt Jun 1(B13)
  • Danding wants Carpio out of Bulletin case. MSt Jun 5(A3)
  • Erap plunder case. MSt Jun 2(A2)
  • DOJ vows to extradite Dante Tan. MSt Jun 5(A3)
  • DOJ loses track of Dante Tan. MSt Jun 7(A3)
  • Erap files to impeach SC judges, but only a few solons sign complaint. MSt Jun 3(A1), 5(A1)
  • PEA-Amari case at the SC. MSt Jun 5(B11)
  • 26 PEA, COA, other officials charged for 'overpriced' Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. MSt Jun 7(A4)
  • LGU corruption. ICT in corruption. MSt Jun 2(A6, B14)
  • Mayor wanted for murder yields. MSt Jun 3(A4)
  • Witness in slay case vs Iriga mayor recants. MSt Jun 7(A4)
  • Quezon ex-gov Rodriguez deported to LA for insurance fraud. MSt Jun 5(A4)
  • Medical bills compel extradition of Quezon ex-gov's wife. MSt Jun 6(4A)
  • Ex-gov asks SC to let wife post bail. MSt Jun 8(A4)
  • Corruption at Customs. MSt Jun 3(A3)
  • BI's Domingo pressured into releasing Singaporean. MSt Jun 3(A4)
  • Ex-BuCor OIC linked to graft. MSt Jun 5(A4)
  • Scam seen in BuCor deal with Tadeco. MSt Jun 6(4A)
  • DOTC's Leandro Mendoza initiates reforms. MSt Jun 5(A6)
  • Pay hikes for judiciary. MSt Jun 5(A6)


  • Senators commend Loren Legarda for public service. MSt Jun 8(A3)

Government finances

  • BIR collections in May below target again. MSt Jun 5(B9)

Overseas Filipinos

  • Dual citizenship bill in Congress. MSt Jun 1(A3)
  • House okays dual citizenship. MSt Jun 7(A3)
  • Overseas absentee voting. MSt Jun 1(A5)
  • Amnesty for 50,000 OFWs in South Korea. MSt Jun 8(A3)

General economy

  • Status of economy. MSt Jun 1(B12)
  • Inflation rate slows down to 2.7%. MSt Jun 6(A9)
  • Stocks, debt market cheer improving economic data. MSt Jun 6(B11)
  • Foreign investments. MSt Jun 2(A3)
  • Govt moves to reform investment policies. Japanese asked to look at natural gas industry. MSt Jun 7(A5)
  • Australia ODA. MSt Jun 3(B9)
  • Govt seeking stronger economic ties with Japan. MSt Jun 5(B9)
  • Clark Economic Zone expansion. MSt Jun 3(A3)
  • US's Raytheon, Italy's Alenia Marconi bid for Clark DMIA radar project. MSt Jun 5(B9)
  • Subic Bay Free Port lures Korean investors. MSt Jun 7(B15)
  • Only 5 govt firms made money in 2002. MSt Jun 3(B9)
  • Manny Pangilinan control of First Pac. MSt Jun 3(B9)
  • EEI to be involved in Iraq reconstruction. MSt Jun 3(B11)
  • Sta. Lucia realty project in Iloilo. MSt Jun 3(B14)
  • PBSP program for first-time enterpreneurs. MSt Jun 5(B14)
  • SME situationer. MSt Jun 2(B9)

Local commerce and advertising

  • 34th National Marketing Conference. MSt Jun 5(B14)


  • Rice production in drought conditions. MSt Jun 2(A6)
  • Sugar industry action plan. MSt Jun 2(B9)
  • Leisure Farms in Tagaytay. MSt Jun 3(B14)
  • Experts panel kept Bt-corn data from Senate. MSt Jun 8(A3)
  • Opinion: On GMO and Bt-corn controversy. MSt Jun 8(B12)


  • The Asian utility vehicle. MSt Jun 6(B16)

Business process outsourcing

  • RP sells itself as best outsourcing site. MSt Jun 7(A5)

Infrastructure, public works, transport and telecommunications

  • Zamboanga road project. MSt Jun 3(B14)
  • Transport: no phaseout of 2-stroke trikes. MSt Jun 5(A3)
  • Opinion: LTO controversy on early warning devices. MSt Jun 6(B14)
  • Vehicle sales up 19.2% from Jan to May. MSt Jun 7(A5)
  • Shipping and automotive. MSt Jun 2(B9)
  • Telecommunications. Regional call centers. MSt Jun 2(B9, B14)
  • LRT incurs P267m cost overrun. MSt Jun 6(3A)
  • Baculio expose unfounded--LRTA. MSt Jun 7(A3)
  • DOTC to build 17 more lighthouses. MSt Jun 6(5A)
  • Opinion: Leandro Mendoza: Wonder-worker at DOTC. MSt Jun 7(B12)
  • NLEX repair 70% complete but traffic jams remain. MSt Jun 8(A5)

Real estate and tourism

  • Waterfront Hotel in Cebu closing? Employees on the warpath. MSt Jun 7(A7)
  • Landco investing in Barcelo unit for tourism projects. MSt Jun 7(A7)
  • Ocean Adventure Theme Park in Subic Bay. MSt Jun 5(B17)

Power and water utilities

  • Purchased Power Adjustment (PPA) rate hikes. MSt Jun 1(A2)
  • Government, IMPSA firm up power deal. IPPs, PSALM. MSt Jun 5(A3)
  • Meralco asked to cough up assets to cover debt restructuring. MSt Jun 6(B11)
  • Meralco refund starts on sour note. MSt Jun 7(A1)

Foreign trade

  • Weak dollar cuts exports by 1.8%. MSt Jun 5(B9)
  • RP sugar quota to US seen as rising. MSt Jun 5(B9)

Money, banking and finance

  • Banking. MSt Jun 2(B9, B11)
  • Proposed Debt Cap Act. MSt Jun 2(A3)
  • VAT to raise borrowing costs. MSt Jun 5(A1)
  • Used-vehicle importers to pay retroactive VAT. MSt Jun 6(9A)
  • BSP eases monetary policy. Banks urged to lend, but key policy rates unchanged. MSt Jun 6(9A)
  • Gross international reserves fall to USD 16.04 billion. MSt Jun 7(A5)

Environment and disasters

  • May 25 mv San Nicolas sinking after collision with Superferry 12. Maritime laws and safety. MSt Jun 1(A1), 1(B12), 2(B9)
  • Owners of colliding ships cleared. MSt Jun 6(4A)
  • Tropical depressions, storms, typhoons: Dodong, Chedeng. MSt Jun 1(A2), 2(A2)
  • Disaster management problems of NDCC. MSt Jun 2(A1)
  • NDCC workers: Solons barking at the wrong tree. MSt Jun 6(3A)
  • MMDA flood control. MSt Jun 1(A4)
  • Bayani Fernando says trees cause traffic. MSt Jun 3(A1)
  • Firefighters training. MSt Jun 2(A6)
  • Industrial chemical fumes to be monitored by DENR, Pasig LGU. MSt Jun 6(2A)
  • Sans incinerators, where to dump hospital waste? MSt Jun 6(5A)
  • Landslide kills 5 in Sorsogon. MSt Jun 7(A4)
  • GMA urged to halt illegal logging in Angat Dam watershed. MSt Jun 7(B16)

The case of Randy Diaz

  • Man falls into water pipeline, fished out 25 days later. MSt Jun 5(A1)
  • Opinion: the sad case of Randy Diaz. MSt Jun 6(B15)
  • Flesh, hair from Diaz corpse clogging faucets? MSt Jun 7(A2)
  • Water was life, death for Randy. MSt Jun 8(A2)

People's rights, welfare, social services

  • Labor rights: GSIS benefits. MSt Jun 2(A6)
  • Education: school calendar reform. MSt Jun 2(A2)
  • English as language of instruction. MSt Jun 2(A6)
  • 317 schools seek tuition hike. MSt Jun 6(3A)
  • DepEd forum with ACT turns into gripe session. MSt Jun 8(A3)
  • Meralco CSR via schools. MSt Jun 7(B16)
  • Health: SARS epidemic. MSt Jun 2(A6), Jun 5(A5)
  • Chinese schools on SARS watch. MSt Jun 5(A2)
  • Pinay from Taiwan is SARS suspect. MSt Jun 6(2A)
  • 127 Fil-Chi schools are SARS-free. MSt Jun 8(A5)
  • 1 nurse per 32 patients. MSt Jun 3(A6)
  • Nursing review centers. MSt Jun 5(B14)
  • Hospitals. MSt Jun 1(A5)
  • Editorial on DSWD, social welfare. MSt Jun 5(B12)

Housing, urban traffic and settlements

  • Unconditional removal of shanties by MMDA chief Bayani Fernando. MSt Jun 5(A6)
  • Metro mayors make own traffic rules. MSt Jun 6(A1)
  • Metro cops, traffic men brace for school opening. MSt Jun 8(A4)
  • Bus, FX urged to use Liwasang Bonifacio terminal. MSt Jun 8(A5)
  • Opinion: Jurisdiction of HLURB. MSt Jun 6(B15)

Media, culture

  • Media affairs. MSt Jun 1(A5), 2(A3)
  • Opinion: MTRCP should look at teleseryes. MSt Jun 6(B15)
  • Internal struggle at the National Press Club. MSt Jun 5(A6)
  • ABS-CBN fight with GMA. MSt Jun 2(B10)
  • Showbiz news. MSt Jun 1(B17)
  • Meteor Garden, F4 Taiwanese boy band craze. MSt Jun 2(B19), 3(A1, B13)
  • After Meteor Garden, a shower of Chinese telenovelas? MSt Jun 7(A1)
  • Rolando Borrinaga, The Balangiga Conflict Revisited. MSt Jun 2(B17)
  • Gracia Burnham, In the Presence of My Enemies MSt Jun 2(B17)
  • Saving Ifugao heritage. MSt Jun 8(B15)


  • Raul Locsin obit. MSt Jun 2(B13)
  • Emilia Boncodin: Fate led her to service. MSt Jun 7(B16)
  • Joel Lamangan pays tribute to Brocka and Bernal. MSt Jun 3(B18)
  • Nora Aunor at 50. MSt Jun 3(B19)
  • Ricardo 'Dong' Puno of ABS-CBN. MSt Jun 7(A11)
  • National Artists award controversy. MSt Jun 8(B11)